Blue Marmalade London

Blue Marmalade

Simple luxuries. We love them. So why not take that moment when we close the door on the day and make it special? Why not change into something that makes you feel good?

We seem to have lost touch with our wardrobes. Do we only dress for others? Never for ourselves? Why don’t we dress for our downtime? At Blue Marmalade we’re on a bit of a mission. When we launched in 2014 it was with one big idea. We wanted to reclaim the concept of loungewear. We want to reclaim the word loungewear. We enjoy stylish clothes. We like to look good. We love to feel good. That doesn’t stop just because nobody is watching.

As an online boutique we specialise in luxury off-duty clothing brands. These are often brands that aren’t well known in the UK or are still a little under the radar. But we also design our own collection. Pieces you’ll find yourself wanting to wear every day. But there is nothing simple about our range. Each piece is beautifully cut from a gorgeous fabric. Because when it comes to feeling good, we believe you start with how it feels against your skin and everything else falls into place. If you’re travelling lady, this will fits nicely.Last year i went to sri lanka ( by reading this blog ) and i put this kind of night dress to my travelling bag.

Beautiful loungewear. A little bit of everyday luxury. It’s really simple. That’s Blue Marmalade.