Our Promises

Blue Marmalade is about a ritual – the ritual of coming home. We often talk about loving our pyjamas. Somehow pyjamas are more than just clothes. They are about relaxation, being home, being you. They’re not for show. They’re just for you.

Blue Marmalade is personal. It’s about how we feel. Wouldn’t it be incredible if we valued and cherished ourselves the way we value and cherish others. Here are our four promises and our customer comments that tell us whether we’re keeping them:

Luxurious Fabrics

From Italian silks to MicroModal, Blue Marmalade is passionate about fabric. Every fabric is chosen to feel delicious against your skin and to make you feel wonderful.

“Leisurewear in luxurious fabrics. Love it” Maria from Yorkshire

“As they said in the decription they are divine” Josephine from London

“11/10 in all areas: design detailing, fabrication, fit” Highland Fashionista fashion blogger

“Gorgeous, supersoft as described” Isobel from Kent

Clothes you will fall in love with

Every stitch, every fabric, every shade, every pattern is carefully considered with you in mind. We just want you to love every single piece. 

 “I love love love my Marmalade sweater. I’m worried about wearing it out!” Nikki from East Sussex

“They have the perfect amount of relaxed chic about them” Julia Rebaudo Stylonylon fashion blogger

“The classic pants are extremely comfortable and the material is supersoft. I love them” Zahra from London

“They are simply the most fabulous pyjama bottoms I have ever owned” Ceri from Anglesey

Service that shows we really care 

Call us, email us, tell us what you need. We will do everything in our power to deliver.

“Truly personal service” David from Oxford

“Excellent company: first time I have used them. The clothes arrive very quickly and are fabulous.” Moira from Hampshire

“What a lovely business” Rebecca from Oxfordshire

The perfect gift to give to someone you love

We know that loungewear makes a wonderful gift – personal, special, luxurious, sometimes even quite intimate. We never forget how important the element of delight is. 

“The PJ bottoms I bought were a gift for my mum. She is absolutely in love with them and called my twice to tell me” Hanna from London

“Bought as a present for my sister and she is delighted. The material is very soft and of a very high quality” Faye from East Sussex

Blue Marmalade are clothes to come home to, to relax into and to fall in love with.

We hope you discover something new and beautiful in our collection.


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