Our Fabrics

Fabric is at the heart of everything we do at Blue Marmalade. We want fabrics you’ll fall in love with. We’re inspired by fabrics that will caress your skin. Plain cotton just won’t do. Not when there are silks, cotton silks, Modals, MicroModals and beautiful viscose fabrics that feel amazing and are beautifully, indulgently comfortable.


Silk has an undeniable cache. What makes it so special? Firstly, long filaments in the fabric mean that it glides over the skin. And those long filaments reflect the light beautifully giving silk a depth of colour and rich, lustrous quality. So it looks beautiful against your skin. It’s a poor conductor of heat so a single layer will keep you warm, but as a natural fabric it’s breathable and soft. But all the technical stuff isn’t really important. Because you instinctively know when something is silk. And you know when you’re wearing silk. Your being changes just a little. It just brings out the Greta Garbo in all of us.

Cotton Silk

It’s washable. The luxury of silk but washable.
Deliciously soft yet easy to wear. If there’s an art to fabric it’s in understanding how to blend. Taking two fabrics that complement each other perfectly to give you only the best of each. And so it is with our cotton silks. Here you have the delicious softness of silk and the depth of colour that looks so beautiful against your skin. Blended with cotton you get the luxury of the silk but it’s much more practical. It’s washable, more wearable and more affordable. Practical and indulgent. No compromise.

Best of both worlds fabrics

We think of our viscose fabrics – Viscose, Bamboo, Modal and Lyocell – as ‘best of both worlds’ fabrics. They are all made from natural fibres so they are breathable. If there’s a misconception about viscose it’s that they aren’t breathable – but they really are, more so than cotton. And they are beautiful to wear – you’ll find that a viscose jersey is softer than a cotton jersey. But the key to them is that they go through a manufacturing process so are a little bit more practical than a delicate natural fabric. They are more affordable than silk and they are washable – so they feel luxurious but you can enjoy them every day.


Beautifully delicate and soft as a whisper, a viscose fabric is something truly special. Sometimes we use a blended viscose – as with our rib tops. Sometimes we work with a viscose from a specific source – for example bamboo or beech – so that we can make the most of their specific qualities.


Supersoft and gorgeous to wear, Modal is made from the pulp of Beech trees. It has less shrinkage than other fabrics – so it’s happier in the washing machine. So even though it is soft and gentle against your skin, Modal is a luxurious fabric that you can wear every day.


As the name implies, MicroModal is like Modal only more so. The fibres are finer so the fabric is silkier. There’s a delicacy to MicroModal. Exquisitely soft and yet still a practical, everyday fabric. You don’t need to take our word for it. A customer recently said, on feeling MicroModal for the first time ‘I think this is one of the softest things I’ve ever touched’.


Lyocell is a silky soft fabric. Our Lyocell has a heavier yarn to it which gives it a weight and means it hangs beautifully. It’s made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees and is perfect for sensitive skin. This is in part because of the smooth fibres that make up the fabric but also because it has hypoallergenic properties. And as our Lyocell has a weight to it, it works perfectly for tailored pyjamas that feel sublime.


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