Behind the scenes at the photoshoot

We’ve just finished the photoshoot for our SS115 range (spoiler alert: we have some beautiful prints, ice cool pastels and sumptuous knits that will be just the thing for lazy summer evenings).

But back to the photoshoot… it’s always a hectic day and this was no different.

We’re a small company and we rely on friends to help out so we were delighted that our photographer, Joe Miles had found us space in Birmingham City University. But that meant we needed to get rails, steamers, props, shoes, laptops and of course all the samples into Helen’s mini and set off through the London traffic. A mere 4 ½ hours later and we were ready to set up. It’s a spring summer shoot so we wanted a light airy feel but the room had no windows…. finally we got the perfect lighting (we’re sticklers for detail).

Undeterred by the delays and hiccups, we could finally begin the shoot.

We can’t wait for you to see the results when we launch SS115. But in the meantime, here are just a few behind the scenes photos of the day.

We’re all cocooning

Being home. It’s the new going out. It’s a phenomenon known as cocooning – trend forecaster Faith Popcorn coined the term in 1981 describing it as ‘the need to protect oneself from the harsh, unpredictable realties of the world’. Not surprisingly during a recession we want to seek comfort. We want to cocoon at home.

And if cocooning is about feeling good, then let’s dress to feel good. Because our clothes are a way to express ourselves. They can change or enhance our mood. Take our Jumpsuit, it’s a beautiful way to feel relaxed and elegant. Our Slip Dress feels divine and is the LBD of nights in. And our Classic PJ top and pants feel cool and sophisticated.

Cocooning. Even the word makes us want to hurry home.