Cannabis / Marijuana Uses and Benefits in New Mexico

It’s well known that marijuana benefits a body in many ways. It’s used to treat a variety of symptoms and conditions ranging from chronic pain, nausea, cancer symptoms, glaucoma to epilepsy and other seizures disorders.

However there are only few studies on the medical benefits of cannabis. One thing is certain however: cannabis benefits your health in more ways than you think…

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Cannabis Benefits

1) Cannabis benefits digestion

Cannabis benefits your digestive system by suppressing muscle spasms in the intestines or stomach. The treatment is effective for those going through chemotherapy since it helps them hold down food when they’re feeling nauseated. 

It also helps with diarrhea by slowing intestinal motility allowing waste time to pass through the colon before being expelled from the body.

2) Cannabis benefits Skin health

Studies show that cannabis benefits skin health by treating conditions such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. It can also protect your skin by acting as an antioxidant who prevents damage caused to the cells from free radicals. 

3) Cannabis benefits your sex life

One of the benefits of cannabis is improved sexual experiences. For women, THC present in marijuana works on the nerve endings around the vagina increasing sensitivity during intercourse. The cannabinoids are able to increase lubrication production resulting in more pleasurable orgasms for women with regular weed consumption. Furthermore, marijuana benefits men’s sexual prowess too since it relaxes muscles surrounding the prostate gland which allows for better blood flow needed to maintain an erection.  Also, weed increases desire by acting on the hypothalamus which is responsible for sexual arousal.

4) Cannabis benefits your Heart Health

Cannabis was used to treat angina as early as the 1830s. Today it’s established that marijuana benefits heart health by reducing blood pressure and protecting the heart after a stroke or heart attack. It can also break up blood clots throughout the body since it thins the blood who are more likely to form clogs.

5) Cannabis Benefits Memory

Marijuana does not make you stupid! In fact, long term use of weed helps prevent age-related memory loss from happening when THC slows down production of beta-amyloid which forms in deposits in the brain damage with its assembly into plaques. Some studies have also shown that weed benefits memory since it can help fight Alzheimer’s disease by preventing the formation of plaques in the brain associated with memory loss and other cognitive functions. More recent research shows that cannabis reduces tumour cells in the brain responsible for decreasing your cognitive functions when it deprives them of the oxygen they needed to grow and spread.

6) Cannabis Benefits Your Lungs

While smoking weed will irritate your lungs, cannabanoids which are found in marijuana helps protect lung tissue from damage caused by harmful toxins and pollutants. It was even used to treat respiratory issues such as asthma and emphysema before steroids were created. Marijuana benefits lungs by reducing mucus (phlegm) production, acting as a expectorant, increasing lung capacity and clearing out the main air passages to help you breathe more easily.

7) Cannabis benefits Liver Health

Marijuana is a powerful detoxifier who can protect your liver from damage caused by alcohol or other toxic substances. In fact, weed reduces inflammation in the liver which helps treat jaundice and slows down cirrhosis of the liver disease by preventing new cells from being produced in the body when it breaks down old ones. It also stimulates bile production in patients with liver or gall bladder issues which helps it break up fat deposits throughout the system resulting in weight loss and ultimately a healthier digestive system overall.

8) Cannabis benefits ADD/ADHD 

A study was conducted on medical marijuana on college students suffering from ADHD. It found that weed benefits ADD/ADHD by increasing the chances of focusing on tasks by reducing impulsivity and hyperactivity. Marijuana affects the hippocampus in the brain which is where information is processed and stored so it can help increase concentration and focus when trying to complete a specific activity related to what you’re learning in school or at work.

9) Cannabis benefits Cancer sufferers

There are ingredients in marijuana called cannabinoids which show anti-tumour properties who stop cancer cells from spreading throughout the body and growing new blood vessels around tumours to allow them to grow and feed themselves resulting in death for those suffering with cancer. Medical marijuana has been used as an alternative way of treating patients suffering from colorectal, pancreatic, breast, lung and prostate cancer.

10) Cannabis benefits eye health

While smoking weed will irritate the eyes, there are cannabinoids found in cannabis which reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) who help treat glaucoma by preventing damage to the optic nerve of the eye that could cause blindness over time. Marijuana reduces IOP by about 25-30% when smoked or consumed orally with 30 minutes of consumption increasing blood flow to the retina of your eyes helping you see more clearly again.

Cannabis is not addictive nor does weed make you lazy! It’s one of the least harmful drugs known to man kind but still has its side effects just like anything else. The only way you’ll get addicted is if you take it daily for medical reasons but even then it’s not harmful or long lasting. I hope this article helped you learn more about the benefits of cannabis that you never knew which can help treat your cancer, glaucoma, respiratory issues and so much more! Enjoy responsibly.

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