Blue Marmalade and Maggie’s

At Blue Marmalade we really believe in the value of gorgeous pyjamas as part of preparing for bed, for restful sleep and of course, to make you feel good. When we heard about Maggie’s we knew we wanted to get involved.
Every year, over 300,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in the UK. And as if that diagnosis weren’t scary enough each person has difficult questions needing answers, exhausting treatment to undergo and complicated emotions to handle.
Maggie’s is there to help providing uplifting, friendly places to meet. Professional staff offer practical advice and emotional support just when it’s needed. It’s a unique approach to cancer and last year Maggies supported over 45, 000 people newly affected by cancer.
So how can Blue Marmalade help? For every item of clothing you buy we will donate a pair of our lovely pyjamas to a woman living with cancer. We hope we can give a little luxury and a little comfort at a tough time in a woman’s life.


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