Personalise your pyjamas with our luxury monogramming service.

Special occasion? A birthday present? Or just want to treat yourself? 
We now offer a monogramming service that enhances just how personal your pyjamas or dressing gown can be. It's very simple, very easy and looks beautiful. 



Once you have found your perfect pair of pyjamas or your perfect dressing gown just follow the steps:
Pick from two different fonts, Script or Typewriter. Script is a lovely font that looks handwritten, curls at the end of each letter and looks luxuriously elegant. Where as Typewriter is tastefully modern, chic and delightfully simple.
Next, pick your desired colour. Choose from either Silver or Gold depending on what you think will look more beautiful on your PJ's. 
Lastly, enter a maximum of the 3 initials you require. 
That's it. Review, submit * and we'll do the rest. 
*Please note we are not able to accept returns once items have been monogrammed

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  • Hanna Smith

    What a fantastic idea! You’ve really hit the nail on the head here.
    It’s great, I love it!

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