Let’s do our bit for Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month

Let’s start with a question! Can you name the five gynaecological cancers? Very few people can and it’s a problem. Because if you don’t know about them, how can you look out for the early warning signs?

Some subjects are hard to talk about. And that’s one of the reasons that every day in the UK 58 women are diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer and 21 will die. 21 mums, daughters, sisters, partners or girlfriends. Every day.

But there’s a simple and effective way to fight this. We need raise awareness. And that’s exactly what The Eve Appeal do. Their wonderful life-saving work raises awareness of and funds research into all five gynaecological cancers. The aim is to eradicate these cancers altogether.

‘Our vision is of a future where fewer women develop and more women survive gynaecological cancers.’ The Eve Appeal

The Eve Appeal wants women of all ages to know the signs and symptoms of gynaecological cancers, and for no woman to delay seeing her GP due to the intimate nature of her symptoms.

This month Blue Marmalade is supporting The Eve Appeal by donating 10% of the sales of our luxurious Ingrid Velvet Kimono to help fund their research. And we’re raising awareness here on our website and in our marketing activities.


And the answer to the question? Ovarian, womb, cervical, vaginal and vulval.

You can find out more about early warning signs at eveappeal.org.uk. And please share what you find out with your friends.


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